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How to bid

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Within the detail page of the article you then have - depending on the offer - the possibility to

  • Bidding
  • Buy now
  • submission of a price suggestion
In both face-to-face and online auctions, it is customary, in accordance with ยง 156 p. 2 Alt. 2 BGB to close an auction without acceptance of a bid for a justified reason or to make a "bid subject to reservation" to the prospective buyer.

The decision as to whether a sale is made by knockdown or whether a lot is considered unsold will be decided later in accordance with the auction conditions in consultation with the seller.

A sale or purchase of the object is still possible even if the "acceptance of a bid subject to reservation" is not resolved, if necessary in a post-auction sale.

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If you use the bidding agent for a bid, our system will automatically bid for you until you are outbid.

You only need to specify a maximum amount you are willing to pay for the lot. Our system will then bid for you in the smallest steps until your maximum amount is reached.